As you can see here, scientists are running out of options. Many drug resistant micro-organisms are no longer responding to the older drugs, and there are fewer new ones being developed. The only solution is to stop the indiscriminate use of these largely unnecessary drugs.

Dr Art Ayers has a PhD in molecular, cellular, and developmental biology and wrote an excellent blog where he described the science behind the wholesale destruction of the body as a result of indiscriminate use of antibiotics. In my opinion his blog series will teach you more about what you need to know than any other website when it comes to cooling inflammation and restoring the microbiome. HERE is a link to the blogs.

Antibiotics, antivirals, and anti-fungals are among the most abused and overused pharmaceutical agents that contribute to human disease. Did you know that taking a single course of a certain type of antibiotic gives rise to  high levels of antibiotic resistant bacteria in the mouth, an effect that lasts for at least half a year? And this is just one of the many problems associated with injudicious antibiotic use.

Antibiotics contribute to the killing of many commensal organisms that are important for proper bodily homeostasis, immunity, digestion, metabolism and organ health.

Our bodies are dependent on a rich mixture of micro-organisms both inside and outside.  Sterilization is neither possible, necessary, or desirable.  The conventional approach to an imbalance of micro-organisms, is to kill the “invader.”  Sometimes this will appear to give temporary success, but most often the trouble will recur if there is no attention paid to the bigger picture as to why the person got into trouble in the first place.

The conjugate vaccines have led to a situation where MRSA (drug resistant staph) has arisen in the vacuum created by the vaccines.

“A trial with a 7-valent pneumococcal-conjugate vaccine in children with recurrent acute otitis media showed a shift in pneumococcal colonisation towards non-vaccine serotypes and an increase in Staphylococcus aureus-related acute otitis media after vaccination”

“These findings suggest a natural competition between colonisation with vaccine-type pneumococci and S aureus, which might explain the increase in S aureus-related otitis media after vaccination.”

Scientists continue to discover more drug-resistant superbugs in children’s ear fluid, one of which is now resistant to all pediatric antibiotics.

Sometimes the problem with antibiotics is painfully obvious, eg. when a fungal infection or intestinal infection with “c-diff” takes hold after a course of antibiotics.

But the truth is, every course of antibiotics weakens the constitution and, if the beneficial micro-organisms that died off, do not grow back or are not replaced, the chances of many degenerative diseases, including cancer, are greatly increased.

Are you aware that approximately 70% of immunity lies within the bowels? HERE  is an email I received from a woman who developed cancer after thoughtless antibiotic prescriptions, and then went on to heal the cancer herself after two failed attempts by medical professionals.

Most urinary tract infections can actually be treated without antibiotics.

Even the worst kinds of staph abscesses can be successfully treated without antibiotics.  In 2013,  holistic treatment under my care, resolved numerous staph abscesses after two failed antibiotic attempts by conventional medical doctors.  The patient had invasive staph in her throat, and numerous abscesses on face, ankles and leg, that all developed AFTER “appropriate” medical treatment and follow up.  BUT . . .  the real problem started years before with antibiotics, then antifungals, a poor diet, and then in April of 2013 a rotor-tiller slice to the leg was treated at the hospital with cleaning under pressure, suturing and two courses of antibiotics. The wound split open as soon as the sutures were removed and she began developing abscesses over her body.  Here is the first photo,  and here are more interim photos over a period of two months. The only side effect of treatment was cessation of long-term hair loss, with new, healthier hair growth. After four months, the wounds were totally non-existent and the scars well faded.

Imagine the consequences of wiping out populations of micro-organisms from the intestines, as a “side effect” of antimicrobial use. Is it really always benign and for the good of the recipient?

Antibiotics can permanently kill off beneficial gut flora, which amongst other things, leads to far worse bacterial infections than the one being “treated” in the first place.  Antibiotics are infamous for creating superbacteria which then turn and potentially bite everyone, including family or close friends, who don’t use antibiotics. For this reason, I prefer not to prescribe antibiotics except under dire, truly life-threatening circumstances.

If you are not aware, the antibacterial vaccines are used prophylactically to hopefully spare children of many courses of antibiotics. But the plan is failing and putting all of us at a disadvantage as I discussed in this video from January 2018.

The problem is, killed, inactivated, and subunit vaccines actually leave babies and children more open to infections, hospitalizations, and death from all cause after the vaccines are given. This video series discusses the details.

Creating or recreating a healthy background where infection cannot take hold, should be the aim of every health practitioner, but they were never taught this kind of biology. They don’t know that disease struggles to live in a healthy body. They think that disease is mostly just bad luck and bad genes because that is what we are told in medical education.

This is a truth that has been demonstrated and carefully documented, time and again in plant and animal life. Most doctors appear to be unaware of this problem because it is generally ignored in the conventional medical system.  Instead, drugs are prescribed to try to rectify the problems that later occur after a seemingly successful course of antibiotics are completed.

There are many ways to deal with imbalances that lead to altered bacterial and fungal balance in the body such as urinary tract infections, chronic diarrhea, sinusitis etc.

Often the cure does not happen overnight like the apparent effect of an antibiotic, but with the approach of strengthening the whole body, the infection will retreat on its own.  This approach often takes discipline and willingness to give up addictive habits.

Louis Pasteur became famous for his “discoveries”, and his contribution towards the idea that germs could or should be killed.  The problem with this paradigm is that while germs do exist and can be killed, the process often kills everything else as well, and is not the way to create a healthy living microbiome.

Read more on antibiotics HERE. This is a large PDF on line and may take a minute to upload.