Media Interviews

Guns and Butter with Bonnie Faulkner June 24, 2015 “Dissolving Illusions: Vaccination past and present”

“Vaccination: Enough To Make You Sick” with Bonnie Faulkner on California public radio June 18, 2015

Guns and Butter with Bonnie Faulkner June 10, 2015 “Honesty vs Policy”

90 minutes with Leon Pittard of Fairdinkum Radio in Australia HERE.

Two hour show Sanitas radio with Mel Fabregas in Tucson AZ HERE..

With Drs Paul and Paula Grenier in New York April 2015.
Part I first hour
Part II second hour.

With Dr Greg Smith from WKABC in Los Angeles Feb 28th, 2015 HERE.

With Joyce Riley on the Power Hour Feb 2015 HERE. with Kelly Brogan. We discussed vaccines in pregnancy, infant immunity, and vaccines in general. HERE.

With Deanna Spignola talking on several issues including Ebola HERE

With Shawn Siegel on aluminum in vaccines, infant immunity and more HERE

With Shawn Siegel and Dr Tetyana Obukhanych HERE

With Alan Phillips on vitamin C and tetanus HERE. Dr Humphries’ part comes in at 20 minutes.

With Shawn Siegel on measles and polio and more HERE

With Dr. Mayer Eisenstein and Allan Phillips, JD HERE

With Dr. Deb Walker, ND HERE

With Shawn Siegel, The Vaccine Myth; an issue of trust HERE

With Kurt Linderman HERE
Click on date January 28th, 2014