The following is a partial list of Dr Humphries’ videos from around the world over the past few years. Please visit her YouTube pageĀ HERE for more videos.

Pertussis herd immunity clip

Some relevant Gardasil information.

Hepatitis B vaccine package inserts.

Hepatitis B vaccines. A few relevant facts.

Insult to injury. Vaccines in premature infants. It’s a crime.

Merck’s dirty little secret. The buried truth about vaccine aluminum.

The relevant history of smallpox. Smallpox illusions dissolved.

Dr Humphries goes to prison in Leicester.

Reply to vaccine-religious criticism. A dose of the facts.

Tampere, Finland 2015 talk on aluminum in vaccines.

Copenhagen, Denmark video on vaccine policy and corruption.

Honesty vs. Policy below; a video on my experience in the hospital and on history and kidney disease.–PyE60CLlVa

Infant Immunity full series below.

Vaccines, various subjects, Angelholm Sweden 2014.

Infant immunity Vermont 2014.

Vitamin C in New Zealand, 2013

Vitamin C in Stockholm Sweden Here.