Vitamin C Success

Vitamin C helps with all infections. From SC who used ascorbate for her baby, probably averting a disaster. Another happy mother who did it all without me. December 2018

The morning after Christmas my oldest daughter who is 7 years old said she wasn’t feeling good. Within a few hours she spiked a high fever and developed a cough. In all the years we have dealt with viruses I have never seen anything come on as quick as this did. I knew this was going to be bad.

I had recently found out about using buffered Sodium Ascorbate powder to help boost the body’s immune system and the many other benefits it offers a body. So when my oldest daughter was coming down with this virus I went straight to the cabinet and pulled my Nutribiotic Buffered Sodium Ascorbate powder out. I was nervous trying this on my child for the first time but I did feel that it could help her. I started dosing her every few hours and within 24 hours her temps were down using no fever reducers, and her cough was very productive. After 30 or so hours she was up off the couch playing. The real nerves kicked in on me though when my 6 month old spiked a fever. She’s never been sick! But this virus hit her hard. She spiked a fever, started coughing and became extremely fussy within a couple hours. Her cough was building in intensity and she would cough, gag and seem to choke. I was becoming extremely worried. This was moving on her so fast!

I thought, “What will happen when this gets worse?” I was scared. Once I found out the dose I should give her I began to give my 6 month old the Sodium Ascorbate powder. I gave her a dose about every 2 hours. Within 24 hours from the first dose of Sodium Ascorbate her fevers were gone, her cough was loose and productive and she was acting better. Within 48 hours she was back to playing and acting happy with only a slight cough! I have to say that I believe the Sodium Ascorbate helped both of my daughters through this terrible virus!

From LOF in Ireland, Nov 2017

I have just recently come across your work. My 5 week old baby girl and 3 year old little girl both got whooping cough 7 weeks ago. They are not vaccinated and I treat them homeopathically. But with this cough the homeopathic treatment was only palliating and the cough was quite severe and very distressing for us all. I was absolutely terrified especially for my 5 wk old baby. I was sent your article on the Vitamin C treatment of whooping cough. Once we started treatment as per your protocol we turned a corner. Thank God, I could breath a sigh of relief. My baby is now 12 weeks and she is doing brilliantly. Neither girls lost any weight and both girls stayed strong once we started the treatment. Both are at the tail end of the cough now. I don’t know what we would have done without the Vitamin C and your protocol. I will be eternally grateful for it. The terror subsided once we started treatment, and saw results within 24 hours. Thank you so so much for your much important work.. This knowledge I will pass on to many people as it takes the fear away and gives people power and knowledge of what to use for health instead of vaccinating. The feeling of powerlessness disappears.

From L.O. August 2017

My son was 7 months old and developed a nagging cough. He had a low grade fever and just did not seem his normal self. My aunt, who is a doctor, listened to his cough over the phone and she thought he may have whooping cough. I took him to his doctor and she insisted that he had Croup. In addition, she did not want to test him for Pertussis. However, I insisted that she test him anyway to be safe.

He was tested on a Thursday and I received the results on the following Monday that he tested positive for whooping cough. Between Thursday and Monday, I started treating him with the Vitamin C protocol that I found on Dr. Suzanne Humphries’ website. He was fully breastfed and just started solids, I increased my Vitamin C intake and I also gave him Vitamin C as well. By the time I got the phone call that he was positive for Pertussis, his cough had improved significantly. I contacted Dr. Humphries and she was very helpful and was willing to assist me through this scary time. Fortunately, his cough continued to improve each day and by the end of the week, his cough was almost gone.

The media and conventional doctors can really scare parents when a child has Pertussis. The cough itself can be scary enough, but conventional treatment can occasionally make matters worse. How many parents are told their child has Croup when it could be whooping cough?!

My son is 3 years old now and is very healthy. I strongly believe this is due to him having a healthy immune system. He rarely gets sick, he has never had an ear infection, and his memory and vocabulary are incredible compared to children his age. To any parents that have a child with whooping cough right now: Know that Dr. Humphries will do everything to help you! She is such a sweet lady and she really knows how the body works. She truly cares about the next generation!

From TL Jan, 2017

We recently used the vitamin c protocol for our 10 month old and 5 year old who contracted whooping cough.  I was already aware of Dr Humphries’ website and the vitamin c protocol and had it printed off to hand.  The 5 year old got it first and we were managing well on it with him, and then the 10 month old got it.  Right about New Year’s Eve, my 5 year old also got a vomiting bug from his older brother at which point he was vomiting up everything and getting vitamin c into him was impossible.  I did become more concerned at that point and was thankful that Dr Humphries responded when I emailed and gave me a consultation for him at 6pm on NYE.  She was very cautious and said that I needed to concentrate on keeping him hydrated as he couldn’t take in vitamin c if dehydrated.  She also gave me the signs of dehydration to look for and told me that if he got those I needed to take him to the hospital to get his vitals checked and IV fluids.  She also gave me some great tips on keeping his fluid up over the 3 days that he was sick.  The reason I include that is to be clear that Dr Humphries  is a responsible doctor and she was very clear with us that he needed to go to hospital if he became dehydrated.  Thankfully, even though he was sick for 3 days we managed to keep his fluids up and that wasn’t necessary.

Interestingly, his whooping cough went away whilst he had gastro and I thought maybe the gastro had gotten rid of it, but Dr Humphries predicted that it had just gone because he was in effect fasting and once he started eating again it would come back.  She was right.  After he got over the gastro we continued on the vitamin c and as long as we kept up with it regularly as suggested, the cough was manageable.  It was worse at night but still not so much so that I was worried.  With the 10 month old, his cough got very mucousy at night and I ended up speaking to Dr Humphries and she advised that we weren’t giving enough vitamin c.  Once we had the dosage right, it still wasn’t pleasant but the mucous did decrease and the coughing was not as severe. We are now 2 months out and I am so thankful to God that I had read about the vitamin C before they had it as although it has not been nice and we are tired, I know that they have both come through it really well.  I have noticed that now they are past the worst, if we forget the vitamin C for half a day, they do start coughing more again.

I would thoroughly recommend that everyone have the protocol and sodium ascorbate and lipospheric in their cupboards in case anyone in the family gets whooping cough.  I found it best to give lipospheric to them both before bed and the easiest way to get it in was putting it into a bit of expressed breast milk or coconut water and syringing it into their mouths.

From a mother of 11 week old infant who got no help from antibiotics or conventional doctors but good relief from vitamin C.

Before we began the high-dose C, my daughter’s coughing fits had been frightful and severe, to the point of gagging on mucous, very red-faced, bulging eyes, loss of breath, and finally crying miserably in pain, occurring constantly throughout the day. Nights were dreadful as she would sleep for about 3 hours, while the mucous just pooled up. She would awaken with even worse coughing fits. For three weeks, I held her 24 hours per day, keeping her up-right, maintaining a workstation to assist her coughing fits. When the coughs began, I would percuss her back and then use an electric nasal aspirator (purchased in the midst of this illness) to thoroughly remove all the mucous in her mouth and nose. I tried breathing treatments, natural and pharmaceutical, to no avail. Antibiotics also brought no relief. My husband and I were frantic, fearful and severely exhausted. Only our Almighty Heavenly Father restored us, helping us to hope and believe in healing and an end to the misery.

I called my Chiropractor for help and she sent me the whooping cough article by Dr. Suzanne Humphries. What a blessing from the Lord, an answer to prayer! Treatment with high-dose C changed everything dramatically! Within 12 hours of the high-dose C, my daughter was considerably relieved of the severe coughing bouts. Her coughs became occasional and mild. After a week, all mucous was cleared up. Sleep was restored and rest was sweet! My daughter did lose about 8 oz of weight but gained it back and then some after a week. The only down-side symptom was loose bowels, which had never cleared up after administering antibiotics. I was quite willing to accept that instead of the miserable coughing fits, but Dr. Humphries was not satisfied. She advised me to cut the dose and get her stools firm again. After some trial and error of cutting the dose and then increasing again, I finally found the right dose for my daughter to maintain firm BMs. I am currently giving her 1/8 tsp/day SA in breastmilk (mixed with 1/8tsp probio, 1/8 tsp cod liver oil and 1000iu vitD) and half packet of LypoC.

Results from treatment with vitamin C is nothing short of a miracle!! For three weeks before using, we were in misery, and now that we have used it for two months, we have been happily enjoying life! ~ JH

From parents of a 5 month old and a 3 year old with whooping cough. June 2016

Thank you for everything. Our little 5 month old baby girl got whooping cough and we ran by your website just in time before her symptoms got to their peak. By your guidance we were able to get through the whooping cough in both our 5 month old and 3 year old. It was not easy, but much more manageable with the Vitamin C protocol. If we had gone through it without the Vitamin C, I am positive we would have been so terrified that we would have taken the 5 month old to the hospital. Not only that, but running into the Vitamin C treatment helped me realize that denying the antibiotics from our doctor was the right choice. I cannot believe how much confidence we gained as parents in getting through a disease that was pushed in our face as fatal. We now realize that through the proper knowledge of our body and how it was made to get through these illnesses, we can get through it!
We cannot thank you enough for your time and care. When we first Skyped, I was prepared for the usual doctor interaction. But you were so caring and not only took me step-by-step through the process, but also answered all my questions and immediately told me that I COULD get through this with both my child and I in one piece. That alone was encouraging!

You were so quick with emails and always open to Skyping. You have such a desire to help people and we are so blessed to have come in contact with you. We cannot thank you enough for your help and encouragement! You have made such an impact in our lives for being with us during such a stressful time.
I do believe that our 5 month old had a very intense strain of the disease. For any other parents out there, please understand that whooping cough is very draining and terrifying in the beginning. And you will feel more exhausted than you ever have. But it DOES end. And you will feel so appreciative of your child’s health and every smile they give you. With Dr. Humphries’ help, we got through this. And we cannot thank her enough!

From parents in the middle East. What do you do when the medical system categorically denies the diagnosis and uses harmful drugs that make whooping cough worse? The story of a very sick two month old and the older two year old sibling follows. Both are recovered and well with home treatment.

As parents we are what our parents call google parents. We are ever ready to do research on our children and their health etc. Both our sons got whooping cough, one after the other. Our 2 year old first and then we think approximately two weeks later our 2 month old picked it up off our 2 year old. We were onto it quite quickly as we spotted the tell tale signs.The more we researched online the gloomier we felt. By the time our two month old started coughing we were already in bits and felt that we were going to have to watch our precious baby be consumed by this illness till he is no longer with us. We found talk of high dose vitamin C online and started doing research. We found Dr Humphries and researched what she had published online regarding the use of Vitamin C. We also found some material which was very eager to depict Dr Humphries as a loon. We weren’t convinced and felt that everything she had said fitted in with our understanding of our babies and their general health. So we decided to go ahead and contact the Dr. At this point we felt like we knew what we were supposed to do, however neither of us had the confidence to actually do it. We both understood that at this point taking our son to the hospital and handing him over was actually the best thing for us to do FOR US and not for our son. The feeling of passing over responsibility was ever drawing. However a more powerful feeling dominated and didn’t allow us to cower. This was the emotion of wanting the best for our babies irrespective of the pressure it placed on us as parents.

The image of our baby laying in a hospital with bright lights and being isolated and not feeling our warmth and love was one we were desperate to avoid. However as I assume any parent would we felt the pressure. What if we were completely wrong? What if this whole Vitamin C thing is nonsense? What if our actions lead to causing harm to our baby? Tough questions we had to face and I suppose at the end of the day as a parent you have to make a decision that you think is best for your children and you have to go with it and be positive and optimistic about your decisions. As a side note here, going slightly off on a tangent, I’m convinced that our babies emotional state in dealing with whooping cough is of paramount importance. When we were optimistic and in high spirits – it made a difference.

Anyway, so we contacted the Dr. and had a initial Skype conversation. I can categorically say, and this is not to take away for all the support and help the Dr. gave throughout, but this Skype conversation was the most important and the whole direction and attitude we had changed after this conversation. It was all about the support and hearing that everything was going to be alright. Off course things can happen and the Dr was keen not to give us a absolute promise but we could both tell she was somewhat covering her own back and she was very confident that our 2 month old was going to make it through this. We needed that confidence as at this point we were lacking it and I believe our babies could feel our mood. Quite simply this Skype conversation gave us the confidence to do what was needed to give our babies safe passage through this situation.

The Dr was keen to point out to us that this was not a race but more of a marathon. This was concerning to us as by the time we had contacted to the Dr we already felt drained. Emotionally the worry and the online barrage of imagery showing dying or dead babies weighed heavy on our minds.

Anyway to cut a very long story slightly shorter, the Dr gave us a level of support that I can only compare to how family behave. She was on the end of the phone whenever we needed her, and we needed her frequently. One of the most admiring attributes of the Dr was that when she did not know something or when something was surprising to her – she would say exactly that. This may not be what some people want from their adviser, however for me it was extremely comforting, as I knew that when she confidently said something then she meant it. This characteristic reappears to good affect later in this story. So the Dr. guided us through the challenges and the difficulties of giving vitamin C to a 2 month old. In particular because we are in the middle east and finding Sodium Ascorbate or Lypo is near impossible.

In the darkest and most challenging parts of the journey we went through our 2 month old was sleeping throughout most of the day and when his feeding reduced the doctor advised us to go and get his vitals checked at the local hospital. This for us was the most dreaded part – as we were deeply concerned that our son would be kept at the hospital and the dreaded imagery of babies in hospital with whooping cough was vivid in our minds. Anyhow, as we had decided to go and get the vitals from the hospital we decided that we may as well have a test for Pertussis done at the same time just to be 100% certain that we are actually dealing with Whooping cough. The Dr at the hospital was ADAMANT that this was not whooping cough. I, myself can be a very persistent person and I was not letting this matter go so I asked how the Dr could be so certain. She gave a bunch of reasons for which I counter with an explanation to each.

Dr – I can tell from the cough its not whooping cough

Me – you’ve only seen him cough once – its much worse than this at night.

Dr – We don’t have Whooping cough in this country

Me – We just flew from the UK two weeks ago

Dr- Babies under 3 months don’t get whooping cough, I have only seen 1 case in 30 years.

Me – That does not in any way mean our son doesn’t have whopping cough specially considering the pattern and sequence of events.

Dr- because your wife is so young she would have passed her immunity to the baby

My wife – I’m 32 (my wife does look younger than she is – and the Dr looked surprised at her age)

Dr – look I’m telling you 100% that this is not whooping cough and I don’t have time to talk to you anymore.

 We ended up leaving her office with her shouting at us (a few moments from calling security on us), ADAMANT that we were silly to even suggest whooping cough, the only thing she gave us was a nebuliser prescription (steroid and bronchodilator) and a bill to have our 2 month old’s hips checked (completely unrelated to whooping cough, just a routine check done to all babies at this age). To be honest we left her office confused and for the first time my wife and I differed on how to proceed. We were faced with such a STRONG, ASSERTIVE Dr. with 30 years experience with babies telling us that there is NO WAY that this is whooping cough and what we are dealing with is ALLERGIES and we need to give the nebuliser straight away. As it turns out this assertiveness and dismissive-ness was actually mere arrogance. The one most important thing we did get from the visit to the hospital was that our babies vitals were perfect. At this point we ended us giving our baby the nebuliser because we were confused, pressurised and somewhat convinced that we had been quack parents . The next 48 hours were the worst we had. God knows if this was unrelated to the nebuliser or not. When we got home from the hospital we contacted Dr Humphries and explained what had happened. Her response which stood out to me was very confident, without the shred of arrogance. ‘ It is whooping cough, Doctors often miss it because of how good they look because of the vitamin C you’ve been giving your baby’

 To be perfectly honest until this point I was not convinced that the Vitmain C was making such a huge difference. This to me was the biggest indicator that it truly was.

I believe that because we started giving our babies (in particular the younger of the two ) vitamin C so early in the cycle of the disease we never actually saw the impact giving vitamin C makes on this disease. Dr Humphries confidence in saying that it is whooping cough (which it obviously was, we went to another hospital and got the test which was POSITIVE) was very comforting and her confidence that the Vitamin C was helping gave us the confidence to give our babies increased doses. THIS PAID OFF STRAIGHT AWAY and now for the first time both of us were confident that the high dose was making a distinct difference to the coughing intensity and duration. Both our babies got past the worst of it and are now well into their recovery.

 The challenges were not one or two, it felt like every day a new challenge would present itself. From my understanding the way each baby deals with whooping cough differs. With vigilance, lots of prayer and support from Dr. Humphries and family we got through this and our now looking forward to many years of immunity.

 A quick note as I forgot to mention earlier. A rocking chair is an absolute must.

From parents in the USA after using the vitamin C treatment on their young baby in the ICU in 2015:

We are forever grateful for finding the “Vitamin C treatment for whooping cough” article. It saved our little ones life!

Our little one caught the whopping cough virus when he was 2 months old and spent a week in the hospital as we watched him downward spiral quickly.  His condition got really bad really fast and it was very scary for us to watch.

The hospital stay was not helping his condition. In fact it was making it worse. It’s amazing how little the doctors knew about the treatment of the Pertussis virus, especially in infants. Their main concern was shoving antibiotics and vaccines down our throats. The nurses main concern was that the monitors were reading properly. Comments were made every time we held him and the doctors were not very reassuring.

According to our elderly relatives, whooping cough was treated by giving babies donkey milk back in the old country (which to our surprise is very high in Vitamin C). When we found the article, it was such an eye opener and just made sense to us.  It was the only article on the internet which was thorough and written with such confidence and knowledge.  We quickly picked up the recommended Lipospheric C and Sodium Ascorbate described in the article.  Once we began swabbing our little one’s inner cheek with the Lipo C, the treatment started working within the first 8 hours and we saw a night and day difference in his condition. The cough improved drastically almost immediately and his color and appetite came back within the first 4 hours. The Sodium Ascorbate helped with the bowel movement by adding it to his milk.

From the first swab we were out of the hospital in 1.5 days even though we were ready to get out of there that same night. We had to stick around per the Doctors recommendation as we watched them pat themselves on the back.  They were completely convinced that the “ANTIBIOTICS” are what helped our little boy, which his body rejected 75% of the time. The whole staff was amazed at how quickly he recovered. Our friends and family were in shock as well, only they knew what really treated him.

During our stay in the hospital, at first we were hesitant to search the internet for treatments because you get to see the good, the bad and the ugly. It becomes challenging to stay positive when reading the statistics on whooping cough in hospitalized infants, and heart crushing reading through the stories with bad endings. With the help of our friends and family we found the courage to continue our search which lead us to this article and treatment.  

Your mind is a very powerful tool, even in trauma you just have to step back and think clearly by considering all of your options.  Had we not questioned the Hospitals methods, this story could have had a different ending.  The key is to stay positive and continue with the treatment as suggested in the article.  You will very quickly realize how manageable and less scary whooping cough is, even in infants.

Michael is 7 months now and thriving. He continues to take a little bit of Lipo C daily to maintain good health and very much enjoys the taste. Our whole family has also been taking Vitamin C daily ever since.

From KB August 2015, who used the vitamin C on her own and realized the medical system is ill trained in dealing with the cough:
“Dear Dr. Humphries,

Thank you so much for your articles on whooping cough and vitamin C. My husband and I and all eight of our children had whooping cough this summer. It was scary for us but we felt empowered by your articles and followed your protocol religiously.

Without you we wouldn’t have known what to do as the local doctor clinic was less than helpful. I took the kids to the doctor three times before I finally called and asked for a pertussis swab. Even then I was told they probably didn’t have that and I got the feeling that their opinion was that if they did have it, it was my own fault for not vaccinating.

A nurse called to let me know it was in fact pertussis and that the doctor had prescribed azythromycin for the whole family.

Thankfully I had already stumbled across your article and knew that the antibiotics were only effective in preventing the spread of the bacteria. But going back to the doctor, that was it. They had no advise, no tips, nothing.

It seems like they only know how to (kind of) prevent illness but no longer treat it.

We started megadoses of vitamin C and went through 5 pounds of it in six weeks. It really made a huge difference in our 4, 2, and 13 month old. Holding our baby the way you describe helped with the apnea, too.

We all came through with flying colors and I am glad to know that whooping cough although very unpleasant is not as scary as it is portrayed by the CDC.

May God bless you and your work!

Best regards,

From JH who used the vitamin C for whooping cough article on her own:
“Just wanted to drop you a note in regards to your Whooping Cough article. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! My 3 month old battled with this & through your article we were able to defeat this sickness. Not to mention we are excited for long term immunity. Your work does not go unnoticed. Thank you for your hard work & for all you do. Have a fabulous day!”

From L.P. after vitamin C treatment of her 6 month old baby:
After learning that my 6 month old son was exposed to whooping cough by a family member I knew it was likely that he would get it. I wanted to be one step ahead so I began my research and came across a wonderful article by Dr. Suzanne Humphries. It was the ONLY article that took the fear out of whooping cough and gave me actual positive hope! I took a chance and emailed Dr. Suzanne. I was amazed! She got back to me within minutes of my email! I cried with joy knowing there was someone who actually cared so much. She guided us through everything with confidence and love. We started the Vitamin C therapy as recommended. It was very apparent that the Vitamin C was directly related to the control of the cough. As the illness progressed Dr. Suzanne was right there with us, every step of the way. The cough was completely controlled by the amount of Vitamin C my son was given! At times you couldn’t even tell he was sick. He was his active and happy self besides the occasional cough. My son is not vaccinated and we chose not to do antibiotics. I am confident that we made the right decisions. Our primary care Doctor did not even call once to check in after the positive test results. They just gave a prescription over the phone for antibiotics and never once called to see how my son was. I am so happy Dr. Suzanne has taken the time to research this matter. Her knowledge and care has helped so many people. I am so grateful for her. My son got through it quickly and unscathed. He is as strong and healthy as ever. Thank you to the moon and back Dr. Suzanne!

From A.R. after treating a 3 week old infant for whooping cough in 2012:
The baby is alive and thriving.  Last year a good friend was due to have a baby in a week and I had come to help take care of her family. Right at this time her 3 year old son developed a cold and cough. Come to find out another friend’s son who had visited 2 weeks before had been diagnosed with whooping cough (pertussis). My friend’s son soon developed coughing spasms and whoops. The mother ended up having a C-section with general anesthesia.  Right after coming home she had a slight cough. We assumed it was from the surgery. However, it gradually got worse and when her baby was 2 weeks old she coughed all night with hour and half long coughing spells. She also had the whooping cough! By now we had learned about lypospheric Vitamin C and she started to take it. We bought the packets online and she took 4 a day. By the first evening after starting to take it her cough was decreased by 50%! Within another few days her cough was totally manageable and she was able to take care of herself, new baby and 3 year old without problem. No more long coughing spells and she was able to sleep at night. One week later her 3 week old baby started to have a cold and within a few days started to cough! We were very concerned and scared! As a preventative measure, we had been giving the baby ¼ packet of Lypospheric C and we upped it to ½ a packet. He continued to get worse to the point where we were staying up with him in a LazyBoy chair all night. He didn’t quite whoop but it became quite scary to watch him during the coughing spasms. Even he looked frightened. At this point we were letting him sleep at night when he could and only have the Lypo C during the day. We finally started giving him a whole packet of Lypo C spread evenly over the 24 hour span of a day—a dropper every 1 ½ hours during the day and every 2 hours at night. Once we started doing this, the cough decreased greatly and within a few days his cough was totally manageable! We no longer had to stay awake with him at night but just had him sleep propped on pillows between mom and dad. This worked fine. Mom would wake every 2 hours and give him the C and nurse him. We realized that a young baby’s metabolism is quite rapid and he needed it more often for it to work. One time we went out into the sunshine and he missed a dose and his cough got worse. The same for the mother. She went 8 hours one day without taking it and by bedtime she was coughing worse again. Her 3 year  old never whooped again once he started taking the Lypo C. We also learned how to make it at home and this also worked fine for the 3 year old and the mother. (We didn’t chance it on the baby as we felt if he had started whooping he would not have done well).The cough doesn’t completely go away and lasts a long time (it is called the 100 day cough) but by continuing the Lypo C it was totally manageable. The lypospheric C definitely decreases the severity of the cough. We were so, so thankful to learn about the Lypo C. I highly recommend it for anything, but especially for the whooping cough.  Dr Humphries walked us through the sickness from start to finish. 

From W.S. after her 2.5 month old premie twins got laboratory proven whooping cough,  this comment submitted on Oct 24, 2013:
My boy/girl twins caught whooping cough when they were two and a half months old. According to most online sources they were at the greatest risk of “dying” from whooping cough. The people most at risk were babies under 3 months old and premature babies. My babies fit under both categories as they were born 2 months premature. Also, all the stories online from parents who had taken their babies to the hospital were ones that had resulted in the death of the baby. So as you can imagine, I was completely terrified and in tears I watched my babies and thought that I won’t be able to see them grow. I came across Dr. Humphries article on vitamin C treatment and immediately got into contact with her and started the treatment. My son was already in the paroxysmal stage and was turning blue with his coughing fits but my daughter hadn’t gotten to that stage yet. Only 24 hours later my son was doing much better and not turning blue anymore. After about 2 weeks after starting treatment with vitamin C, he was so much better and only had the occasional cough here and there. My daughter never made it into the paroxysmal stage since we started the treatment in the earlier stage for her. They are 6 months old now and are both very healthy and doing great. I still give them about 600 to 700 mg of vitamin C daily to keep their immune system strong and it’s working great. We traveled to Michigan recently and everyone around them got sick with the 24 hour flu and they never caught it. I thank God everyday for having found the article. Thank you so much Dr. Humphries!!

From S.S. Sept 23, 2013:
“All 3 of my children had the WC (7y/o, 4y/o and 5 months old  baby). We treated it with vitamin C and had great results. My baby was the most affected by it. He was having between 10 and 20 fits a day (probably even more). Some of them were very intense where he would lock up and not breath for a few seconds which felt like hours to us. It was very stressful! We found Dr. Suzanne and she told us about the sodium ascorbate (vitamin C). I don’t know exactly how the vitamin C works but we had heard before how good it was to fight disease and we gave it a try. We experienced improvement right after the first dose of the vitamin C. That first night the baby’s fits were less intense (no locking up and shorter in length). A week after, he was doing so much better.  I wasn’t afraid anymore. He was coughing but it was just like a normal cough… not bad at all! The cough would not wake him up at night anymore and we felt we had it under control. And on top of all that there were no side effects! How great is that??!”

From S.C. 8/18/2013:
“Just wanted to thank you for all the information you have provided on whooping cough.  We have just come through it at our house. I had it along with all 3 of my children – 8 yr, 4 yr and 4-5month old.  My 4 yr old has Down Syndrome and her coughs can tend to develop into something more serious.  But she and the baby both came through with no complications.  With the baby, we had a couple weeks of not much sleep ( that was the worst part) but really, there was no time when he couldn’t breathe for more than a couple seconds, or turning blue or some of the other horror stories you hear. And he gained wait through the entire process. None of them have been vaccinated for it and we did not take the antibiotics.  I’m thanking the Lord that I came across your pages on Vit. C.”

From a mother of 5 month old baby who had whooping cough well seated before calling:  
“We’ve been following your instructions. He is about 70% better. He coughs maybe 3-4x a day (not long drawn-out coughs, not red in the face, able to breathe) and about 5x a night, but he’s sleeping much better…with your wisdom we were able to manage this disease without any medication or hospitalization (despite the frightening statistic of 75% of babies under 6 months being hospitalized). I can’t thank you enough.”

From a mother of 14 month old baby with whooping cough, after about 8 days of proper treatment: 
“Baby did so well yesterday that I almost forgot he is sick 🙂  Last night was great for him and today has been really good.” “Just wanted to thank you for all the information you have provided on whooping cough.  We have just come through it at our house. I had it along with all 3 of my children – 8 yr, 4 yr and 4.5month old.  My 4 yr old has Down Syndrome and her coughs can tend to develop into something more serious.  But she and the baby both came through with no complications.  With the baby, we had a couple weeks of not much sleep ( that was the worst part) but really, there was no time when he couldn’t breathe for more than a couple seconds, or turning blue or some of the other horror stories you hear. And he gained wait through the entire process. None of them have been vaccinated for it and we did not take the antibiotics.  Anyway, I’m thanking the Lord that I came across your pages on Vit. C.”

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